Royal collection


Boundaries of modern shisha pipes design have been torn down.

The Royal collection is a real masterpiece in which tradition goes hand in hand with pop culture. Combines opulent decorativeness with clean geometric lines and ranks among the supreme art of outstanding Bohemian glassmakers. Both luxurious models of the Royal collection, Prince and Queen, dominate any interior due to their traditional union of hand cut glass with pure go

Glass Cutting

Hand glass cutting has been the royal discipline of Bohemian glassmakers for centuries.

Thoughtful and timeless cut shapes accent the effective illumination of the glass corpus.


Queen is in direct contradiction to Prince. Her round and graceful curves forming the richly ornamented skirt show off their subtle femininity.


Royal jewel dazzling with sharp and straight shapes which meet in a gold sword and proclaim power and youthful belligerence.


The majestic look of Prince and Queen is multiplied by 24-carat gold gilded details. This is apparent in Queen’s gilded skirt and gilded sword rendered in each leg of Prince’s stainless base.


The coat of arms of the Royal dynasty is the ostentatious design which excels especially in combination of black and gold colours. 

Hand Grip

The artistically decorated metal hose grips of Prince and Queen emphasize their top-level aesthetic impression.

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