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A weapon against boredom and stereotyping. Dictates the pace of each party, its mission is pure fun.

Nautila was born to party. Thanks to its contemporary design, it immediately becomes a striking eccentric at each party. A cocktail binge by the pool? An unrestrained beach party? Or a date at a stylish bar? No matter when or where... Don’t forget to take your dancing shoes with you! Be ready for rock ‘n’ roll!


Nautila’s wardrobe is full of multi-coloured clothes. And Nautila loves to try them on, loves to change them, is trendy, doesn’t keep wearing one costume for a long time – the urge to try another one is too strong. We change the colours of the Nautila range stands for each season. Fashion rules!


Cut the bottom off, make it flat. Change the shape… Design visions have resulted in a self-standing glass in the revolutionary shape of a submarine. Moreover, Krab is the same exception as Cascada from the Sepia range. It too takes pride in its glass body ornamented with unique facets.

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Laser show

The basic light source of Nautila is its wireless colour-changing RGB module. But this is not enough. A real party needs a laser show. A proper laser show. The bigger, the better! A UV/Laser star light module! Smoke running down laser beams makes breath-taking creations. It is unstoppable. The show must go on! Let’s get it on!

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is unique

Our certificate confirms that the product with the serial number in the hologram is an authentic piece, handcrafted by Meduse. Verify the authenticity of your product by entering the serial number.

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We offer custom sandblasting of your dedication or any other text on glass corpus of your Meduse shisha pipe.

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