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A pipe with a noble pedigree. Longs to dazzle with grace, not opulence.

He floats against the stream of time and resists those trendy waves and whirlpools of modern times. Noble’s mission is to hold his course firmly in the stormy waters of the world. Noble is a design metaphor of stability and order. Aristocratic blue blood runs through his veins.

Blue blood

The blue-tinted glass body of Noble evokes a peaceful blue surface of a life on which velvet mornings, silky afternoons and crystal-clear evenings float serenely. It is the only pipe with coloured enamel in the portfolio of Meduse.

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Light of stars

The cold-blooded calmness of the Noble model is enhanced by a light that penetrates its blue body like stellar beams and creates a sophisticated play of emotions and moods. The shimmering pipe becomes a lighthouse, a firm point providing both safety and security.

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We offer custom sandblasting of your dedication or any other text on glass corpus of your Meduse shisha pipe.

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